Private cloud solutions

A private cloud is a centrally hosted infrastructure exclusively for your company. Compared to the public cloud, you retain more security and control since you are the only one who has access to your cloud. The cloud is hosted in the data center of e-BO Enterprises. The hardware, software and data are no longer on a computer, but on a private server. Since everything is located on the server, it does not matter what device you use in order access your data. All content is centralized and can therefore be managed better. Each user logs on using a token (USB-key, eID, fingerprint, etc.) and his personal login.

A private cloud offers many advantages:

  • Security

Your data is located on our servers in a highly secured data center. This guarantees an optimal infrastructure for physical and virtual access and is permanently accessible, even during a power cut. We also guarantee a constant protection against external threats such as viruses, malware and spam. In addition, the access and use of resources are traceable and more manageable. As your company has the sole access to your private cloud, you therefore have full control of data, security and quality of service.

  • Continuity

e-BO Enterprises values business continuity very much. By using the token, we give you the assurance that not a single session will be lost. If any problem such as a power failure or a system crash should occur, you simply remove the token from the device. Then you log on to another device and the virtual desktop remembers exactly where you left off before the interruption. In addition, e-BO Enterprises monitors and guards your private cloud 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Scalability

A third advantage which a private cloud offers, is the ability to scale to the growing needs of your company. You want to be sure that a capacity shortage does not obstruct the growth of your firm. You can also opt to downsize your private cloud so you don’t have to pay more than necessary. We adjust the volume and the processing power without you even noticing.

  • Cost and energy efficiency

The maintenance and management of your IT-infrastructure is done centrally in the datacenter so you don’t have to waste valuable time and energy anymore. That way, you and your employees can focus on your core businesses. This means that the support costs are reduced as well. New updates, backups and security programs such as anti-virus control and spam tools are automatically managed. This gives you the strength to do more with less costs.

  • Hosting in Europe

The private cloud servers are hosted on European soil and therefore do not fall under the US Patriot Act. Confidential data remains in the private cloud and cannot be viewed by others.