e-Blue mobile police office

The future-proof mobile police office

A intervention wagon is more than ever a mobile police office. Interrogations, typing fines or doing searches in the field are a major asset to an efficient police body. To make this possible, however, a high degree of security is required.

The e-Blue mobile office for police provides a full virtualization platform. All required services and applications are brought onsite by a secure network regardless of the underlying infrastructure.

Access to all information in the field

Viewing number plates, consulting the ANG database, read electronic ID cards, consulting cameras, etc. It's all possible with e-Blue from the same device in the field. All of this is happens over a secure connection to ensure there are no data leakage risks.

Easy to manage

The responsible services maintain complete control over which agent accesses which application. Applications can be turned on or off. Thanks to the modular structure of the management console, profiles can be created with standard services and applications.

DRI compliant

Our solution has been approved by DRI and meets all requirements for connecting to the ISLP network.

  • 2 factor authentication: USB key and username / password. Additional security layers may be added.
  • 1-on-1 mapping between endpoint and virtual environment
  • User and endpoint definition based on hardware parameters