e-Wind O&M platform

e-Wind is the all-in-one management solution for wind farms. Checking the availability of resources, arranging permits to work or managing logistics, e-Wind centralizes all necessary information in one integrated tool to get work done in a safe and efficient way.

Marine Coordination Tool

e-Wind allows your company to efficiently plan and follow-up on your offshore activities.

This includes generating work plans, issuing work permits, generate the transfer planning or getting an overview of the planned maintenance works.

At the same time, the embedded tracking module is designed to know where your vessels are located and which people are available.

Asset Management System

The e-Wind AMS-module puts you back in charge of your maintenance management. Scheduling of activities and management of events becomes easy and helps you to optimize your logistic planning. The AMS-module can be tailored to suit all needs and to allow the use of personalized procedures, risk assessments and method statements.

Wind farm management

e-Wind offers a real-time overview of the available WTG-information enabling your company to take the necessary measures to optimize your energy yield.

The built-in reporting tools further help you to conduct a thorough performance analysis. Availability, downtime analysis, weather reports or production data overview, e-Wind can be customized to accommodate it.

Alarm handling

The e-Wind alarm handling module helps wind farm owners to be notified of alarms and emergency situations that might arise in their wind farms. The e-Wind alarm management works with a workflow system that can turn any trigger (i.e. an equipment failure) into an alarm and automatically take the required action.


The e-Wind QHSSE-module can be used to follow-up on all unwanted events with vessels, people, work permits or other activities.

Risk management can be applied on all activities and reports can be generated whenever required.

Operational data & reporting

All collected data is stored centrally for future usage. You decide what happens with your data and how it is used.