Advanced Communication Networks

We build advanced communication networks for all purposes. Over the years, we have gathered expertise with different technologies and we integrate all communication systems in one highly-performing network.

VoIP, dispatching, Fibre-networks, LTE, etc.

We have experience with the implementation of the following technologies:

  • VoIP
  • LTE/4G
  • Satellite Communication
  • Microwave (LoS/PtP)
  • Dispatching
  • Public Address Systems
  • WIFI-networks
  • Fibre-networks
With our managed services, you have one single point of contact for your networking, IT, telephony, etc.


Fully working infrastructure
Our teams commit to a deliver a wide range of services. Whether it comes down to network installations or software programming, e-BO Enterprises delivers a complete package.


Highly experienced teams
Our people deal with IT-challenges everyday and are thus ideally placed to deliver top-notch IT-infrastructure.


Vendor neutral
We integrate solutions from different vendors and are completely vendor independent. This means our customers can always pick the technology and hardware that fits to their needs.