SAX Sanitair chooses scalability

e-BO Enterprises supports the growth of SAX Sanitary with customized IT infrastructure

SAX Sanitary is a growing company that sells sanitary, heating, ventilation, wellness and sustainable energy systems. Because of its rapid expansion, SAX was faced with an insufficient IT infrastructure and the company was looking for a way to increase the mobility of its employees.

"Nearly a third of our people is very mobile (with our customers and partners). We needed a solution that would make it possible for them to also work outside the company walls in a secured way as if they were connected to our local network. "SAX found that solution at e-BO Enterprises with the use of eboVision and USB-keys. e-BO Enterprises developed a concept where all data is centralized in a secure data center. The authentication is done via a USB flash drive in combination with a personal login.

We don’t have to worry about security.

 Everything runs on centralized server infrastructure - thus without local support - which relieves the IT people at SAX of lot of pressure. Furthermore, the use of USB drives increases the mobility among workers. They can log in from anywhere on the network and they don’t have to worry about possible data loss. It enables SAX to use the concept of "hot desking."

The main reason we chose eboVision is scalability.

SAX is a growing company and e-BO Enterprises realizes very well how to deal with it. eboVision allows us to integrate new subsidiaries in a quick and efficient way. The consolidation of all our data, the increased mobility of our employees and the guaranteed security are definitely a plus.