Always available for the fire department

The municipal fire departments were merged into a zonal structure but their telephony and IT infrastructure remained mostly scattered. At the same time, the importance of data availability was forgotten way too often. As responsiveness and efficiency are of great importance in this sector, they need a centralized IT system to get their job done. e-BO Enterprises offers private cloud solutions so your data is always available while you still maintain the necessary control. That way you can always be sure that you have access to the critical information you need.

VoIP in the cloud

e-BO Enterprises uses VoIP in the cloud with a virtual PBX in the data center. This telephony platform allows you to connect local analog endpoints with the central infrastructure in a redundant manner. That way, our company guarantees a high degree of availability and reliability. As a plus, e-BO Enterprises is provider independent. Everything is managed centrally so extensions can be executed quickly and problems can be solved in no time.

Desktop as a service

With our desktop as a service, your fire department will have its own shielded infrastructure that is assigned into the platform. Your data will be completely secured and remains under your control.

e-BO Enterprises is the logical choice because of their ‘Operational excellence’, the flexibility in the offered products and services, and the high competence of the e-BO staff.

We provide greater flexibility in management and resources. Desktop as a service makes it possible for you to expand this platform with other software so you get secure access to all data from all the carriers. You receive managed services which include control of the underlying infrastructure equipment, support for server issues and security updates. In addition, e-BO Enterprises monitors the environment both on a hardware and system level, provides the necessary backup and gives you critical data storage.

Other services

Besides the VoIP in the cloud and desktop as a service, e-BO Enterprises provides the following services: we are responsible for hosting the necessary infrastructure, we give local backup and are in charge of the installation and migration of the data. We opt for a project approach to resolve potential problems with your platform. Change management handles all the changes associated with IT infrastructure. This ensures the stability and integrity of your production environment.

We think along with you to come up with the best solution. e-BO Enterprises works with various partners who are experts in the field of alarm, dispatching or specialized software. Thus, the entire fire department can focus on a solid assistance while we provide a reliable IT infrastructure with comprehensive functionality.