Drone detection

For our counter-drone measures we partner with DeDrone, an expert in the field of anti-drone technology. Dedrone's DroneTracker platform provides a complete airspace monitoring and managing solution through a convenient browser interface. DroneTracker allows users to readily configure multiple sensors, active and passive countermeasures and alerts for automatic, 24/7 operation. 


  • Attempts to smuggle drugs, mobile phones, or even delivery of weapons with drones remain a concern, but the opportunity for such activity is now greatly reduced.
  • The prison receives valuable data on drone activities on the site, for example number of drone intrusions, times, drone models, recurring drones.
  • Searches can be carried out selectively, which greatly facilitates the work of staff.


  • Track drone: Track the drone's flight path and determine its destination.
  • Inform officers: Inform the officers in the sector the drone is heading, so that they can immediately intercept dropped contraband.
  • Lock inmates: Lock the inmates in their cells.
  • Search pilot: Follow the drone's way back and search for the pilot.
  • Provide proof: Video evidence of each drone intrusion is recorded and provided for further investigations.
  • Stop drone: A jammer could be integrated and be triggered automatically to stop the drone.