Blue Energy

Over the years, e-BO Enterprises has built a reputation in offshore networking and services. Our experienced team owns the necessary certificates to work offshore and we provide a wide range of services.

  • Offshore network design
  • Internal and external security
  • Networking services
  • Secure remote access
  • e-Wind O&M platform
  • Visualisation of SCADA applications

We design, build and maintain offshore networks

We provide advice on design, build your network and do the necessary maintenance to keep everything running in the best possible way. Therefore our highly qualified engineering team and experienced customer service organisation have the necessary GWO-certificates and skills to create a solid offshore networking infrastructure. 


Designing a networking infrastructure for offshore use requires a special approach. Both internal and external security are key and in most cases, a scalable architecture is required to accomodate future growth. Additionally, a high availability remains vital and requires industrial hardware rather than standard off-the shelf business products.


To build an offshore network, experience and training are indispensable. Our offshore team owns the necessary GWO-certificates to work offshore and is trained to handle crisis situations. Together with our infrastructure partners we deliver a complete solution that works and keeps working. Therefore, we use high-quality hardware with an MTFF (Mean Time to First Failure) of 30 years. After all, an offshore location is not as easy to access as the server room in the basement of your building. 


Every network needs maintenance to keep up with the latest security standards and to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. Our offshore team is ready for any job and their experience in maintaining offshore networks is a unique asset.