e-BO Enterprises concludes partnership with Dedrone

Drone technology evolves at a high pace and buying your own drone gets easier every day. The evolution and the high availability of drones give birth to new dangers. Drones are being misused for criminal purposes like espionage, terror or smuggle. Unmanned aircrafts make it possible to deliver drugs, phones or weapons to prisoners. High walls and camera surveillance in heavily guarded prisons lose their value when the airspace is exposed. In order to guarantee the safety of the prisons, e-BO Enterprises and Dedrone work together to fight the possible danger of civilian drones.

To counter the misuse of civilian drones, e-BO Enterprises and Dedrone offer a solution with DroneTracker, a drone detection and counter-drone platform for all applications. The system consists of optimized sensors including a Multi Sensor and a RF Sensor. The Multi Sensor includes optical, acoustical and Wi-Fi sensors. The RF Sensor scans a wide frequency band for radio frequencies in order to detect the drones. In short, DroneTracker guards the airspace against uninvited guests. After the detection of a civilian drone, automatic countermeasures take effect to stop or eliminate the drone and to track its owner.

The partnership of e-BO Enterprises and Dedrone completes the total package of safety measures for prisons. At the moment, e-BO Enterprises provides prisons with PrisonCloud, a secured and flexible services platform. This platform enables prisoners to have a very limited computer use in order to guide them to an optimal return to society. PrisonCloud is supplemented with camera surveillance, a perimeter detection system and a phone jammer that disables uncontrolled mobile traffic. DroneTracker is now added to the list of security measures that e-BO Enterprises provides. Thanks to the addition of DroneTracker, e-BO Enterprises keeps improving the security of prisons.