A new vision for the mobile office

The police department of Geraardsbergen-Lierde takes the lead with new opportunities for the mobile police station.

In many police departments, it is a known phenomenon. To straighten out their paperwork, intervention teams spend more time at the police station than in the field. Thanks to an extensive digitalization at the police department of Geraardsbergen-Lierde, not only the administrative work was brought on site, but also the databases and the digital signing of statements.

All this is possible thanks to the e-Blue platform developed by e-BO Enterprises from Ypres. E-Blue is more than a channel for the ISLP network and offers extensive options for adding applications and databases to the system. The PD of Geraardsbergen-Lierde chose to sign police reports digitally by using eID, touchscreen or an external device. Printing is no longer required in this case.

With e-Blue we have access to all our applications wherever it is needed

Via another application it is possible to view and interpret images from the cameras present in the area. That way, anticipating a situation becomes easier than ever. An additional advantage is further access to ANPR data and images. All information is now also available in the field and can be consulted at any time. On an encrypted connection, another connection is established with the central IT infrastructure which allows to control its use at any time. So the corps leadership maintains full control over the distribution of information. The centralized infrastructure makes it possible to add remote apps and an expensive investment in locally installed equipment is no longer required. The point-2-point connection between the data center and the police department provides the additional functionality.

Thanks to the central IT infrastructure, investments in local hardware are no longer required.

Soon there will be a brand new operating console deployed as well. This will be used to enable communication with the mobile teams via VoIP and instant messaging. This way, additional information such as BIN messages can be shared. OGP and OBP on duty can use this console to manage and monitor teams in the field from home or the office. Police districts that are interested in the solution are given easy access into the system. The PD of Geraardsbergen-Lierde chooses to give immediate access to the solution for other zones via a framework contract.