Drone detection

For our counter-drone measures we partner with DeDrone, an expert in the field of anti-drone technology. Dedrone's DroneTracker platform provides a complete airspace monitoring and managing solution through a convenient browser interface. DroneTracker allows users to readily configure multiple sensors, active and passive countermeasures and alerts for automatic, 24/7 operation. 


PrisonCloud is a flexible IT platform designed for the secure distribution of content and services to inmates. It provides inmate services at any time, in any allowed location within the controlled prison facility. It allows the inmate to be responsible for his own life in prison while offering a platform for both entertainment and work.

Managed Services

Since your IT department will save both time and money thanks to Secured Cloud Computing, it can dedicate itself to strategic support and the functional operation of your applications. Thus there is more room for innovation and optimisation of productivity. For smaller companies and SME's, we can provide a full-service so you have your own virtual IT department.

Datacenter services & hosting

You have access to as much computing power and information sources as you want, wherever and whenever you want. If you urgently need extra storage space for your data, or if you are looking for additional bandwidth during peak times, this can also be easily integrated into the "cloud" model.

Your company will no longer need to maintain its own server space or servers. Your IT environment is thus more flexible and can dedicate itself to the constantly changing needs and wishes of your organization.

Mobile phone jamming

The presence of illicit mobile telephones presents serious risks to the security of prisons and other institutions where mobile phones are not allowed.

They can be used for a range of unauthorized purposes, including commissioning violence, harassing victims and continuing involvement in crime networks.