Control rooms

e-BO Enterprises offers the following services:

  • Virtualisation of existing control rooms
  • Design and installation of new control rooms

Why a virtualised control room infrastructure?

A dispatching room with a virtualised infrastructure has several advantages above a normal control room.

  • Improved disaster recovery: The virtualized infrastructure allows to move the control room anywhere to continue the activities, no matter what happens locally.
  • Saving energy: Thin client devices consume less power than traditional desktop PC's and produces less heat.
  • Faster server provisioning: Virtualisation enables us to instantly provide extra capacity when necessary.
  • Enabling secure remote access: A virtualised control room infrastructure can be used to enable secure remote access. This allows individual users to access important imformation from any location over a highly secure connection.

High quality displays

To build control rooms, e-BO Enterprises uses high quality displays which provide a high readability and a long lifetime while the small rims make it easy to build large high-definition displays for everyday use.