CCTV systems provide a valuable addition to the security of your business areas and buildings. Cameras can increase employee safety, reduce the risk of theft and control unauthorized access. Therefore, a whole range of cameras is available, each suitable for its specific purpose. e-BO Enterprises has the knowledge to suggest which cameras are right for the current situation and will integrate those cameras into your corporate network in an effective way.

Intrusion Detection

No piece of software is perfect, and you can always count on hackers to attempt to exploit those vulnerabilities.

To prevent hackers to get access to your network and data, e-BO Enterprises uses different techniques to detect threats the moment they arise:

e-BO Enterprises concludes partnership with Dedrone

Drone technology evolves at a high pace and buying your own drone gets easier every day. The evolution and the high availability of drones give birth to new dangers. Drones are being misused for criminal purposes like espionage, terror or smuggle. Unmanned aircrafts make it possible to deliver drugs, phones or weapons to prisoners. High walls and camera surveillance in heavily guarded prisons lose their value when the airspace is exposed. In order to guarantee the safety of the prisons, e-BO Enterprises and Dedrone work together to fight the possible danger of civilian drones.