Always available for the fire department

VoIP in the cloud

e-BO Enterprises uses VoIP in the cloud with a virtual PBX in the data center. This telephony platform allows you to connect local analog endpoints with the central infrastructure in a redundant manner. That way, our company guarantees a high degree of availability and reliability. As a plus, e-BO Enterprises is provider independent. Everything is managed centrally so extensions can be executed quickly and problems can be solved in no time.

Private cloud solutions

A private cloud is a centrally hosted infrastructure exclusively for your company. Compared to the public cloud, you retain more security and control since you are the only one who has access to your cloud. The cloud is hosted in the data center of e-BO Enterprises. The hardware, software and data are no longer on a computer, but on a private server. Since everything is located on the server, it does not matter what device you use in order access your data. All content is centralized and can therefore be managed better.

SAX Sanitair chooses scalability

"Nearly a third of our people is very mobile (with our customers and partners). We needed a solution that would make it possible for them to also work outside the company walls in a secured way as if they were connected to our local network. "SAX found that solution at e-BO Enterprises with the use of eboVision and USB-keys. e-BO Enterprises developed a concept where all data is centralized in a secure data center. The authentication is done via a USB flash drive in combination with a personal login.

A new vision for the mobile office

All this is possible thanks to the e-Blue platform developed by e-BO Enterprises from Ypres. E-Blue is more than a channel for the ISLP network and offers extensive options for adding applications and databases to the system. The PD of Geraardsbergen-Lierde chose to sign police reports digitally by using eID, touchscreen or an external device. Printing is no longer required in this case.

With e-Blue we have access to all our applications wherever it is needed


PrisonCloud allows the inmate to be more responsible for his own life in prison, helps him to become an active and responsible actor during the whole detention process and guides the inmate to a successful reintegration.

Private Cloud Computing

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Public Safety

When public safety is at stake, availability and security are more than ever a requirement. Our experience with public safety institutions guarentees smooth operations and rock-solid performance.


eboVision is security platform that facilitates the centralisation of all content types (data, applications, voice and video).

It incorporates all necessary technologies such as Virtualisation, VoIP, Identity Management, Helpdesk Automation and built-in security. On the backend the eboVision Appliance Box can cooperate with any virtualisation technology like VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix or other.

The investment in eboVision is durable. The platform is evolution ready and will survive new hype technologies.

IT security

In a highly digitalised world, security is key for enterprises and public organisations. The right security measures can prevent data from getting lost or stolen.

e-BO Enterprises distributes your information and applications from high-performance data centers according to your needs. Thus, you are less dependent upon hardware problems and you avoid security risks. We build out a personal and extremely secure network for you.