eboVision is security platform that facilitates the centralisation of all content types (data, applications, voice and video).

It incorporates all necessary technologies such as Virtualisation, VoIP, Identity Management, Helpdesk Automation and built-in security. On the backend the eboVision Appliance Box can cooperate with any virtualisation technology like VMware, Hyper-V, Citrix or other.

The investment in eboVision is durable. The platform is evolution ready and will survive new hype technologies.

In the frontend any user of the platform needs an USB identification stick to access his content. This unique key needs to be plugged into eboVision ‘trusted’ client hardware meaning client hardware which runs the eboVision client os either physically or virtually.

A user can interact with his content anywhere on the Internet. The eboVision platform is a content delivery and distribution system which handles all data and voice communications in a secured way on LAN, WAN and Internet. It simplifies networking and provides end-to-end security.eboVision_workflow